Building an employable work base can be achieved through our Going Beyond© workforce training program. This 40-hour workshop series educates employees on the workplace fundamentals and expectations of their employers. We teach employees a wide range of topics in a manner that they understand and appreciate. Topics include the importance of attendance, attitude, conflict resolution, critical thinking, personal appearance, courteous behavior, honesty, communication and much more. We reinforce these expectations with one-on-one weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings to help them achieve real changes in the workplace.

quote-leftThe Way to Work has significantly improved our employee’s attitude, employability, and promotabilty. I highly recommend The Way to Work for companies’ who want to improve their retention rate. quote-right

Tracey Ardoin, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center


We understand poverty and can help your workforce learn the way to work. Your investment in this program is an investment in your business. The Way to Work© helps create a productive and dependable workforce to help improve your business’ long term stability.


We’ve modeled our program using the blueprint of an organization that was launched in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The success that this initiative achieved for its participants is too good to be ignored!

Sustainable Workforce SOLUTIONS